The Harmony Initiative

Welcome to the outreach page of the Harmony Initiative at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. The idea that human beings can live in harmony with the cosmos underpins many of the esoteric traditions of east and west, of old world and new. It is also an idea which underpins much modern environmental thought and practice.

Many of you attended our special day student conference in Lampeter on Harmony and Sustainability on 2-3 March 2017, with Quaker writer David Cadman (Gaia Foundation) and the leading environmentalists, Tony Juniper (Prince of Wales's International Sustainability Unit and Executive Director of Friends of the Earth 2003-2008) and John Sauven (Executive Director of Greenpeace UK), and Peter Davies, Chair, Wales Council for Voluntary Action and former Wales Sustainable Futures Commissioner.

The Harmony Initiative is a collaboration between the University of Wales Trinity Saint David's Sophia Centre for the Study of Cosmology and Culture, and the Institute of Sustainable Practice, Innovation and Resource Effectiveness (INSPIRE). We are also collaborating with Schumacher College. Its goal is to take forward the conversation on sustainability and what we as individuals and communities can do to live in harmony with the natural environment. Its aim is to hold public outreach events and to develop related courses at the University. For further information contact Dr Nicholas Campion.

Why Harmony?

The United Nations document, Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, issued in 2015, states that, 'We are determined to ensure that all human beings can enjoy prosperous and fulfilling lives and that economic, social and technological progress occurs in harmony with nature. If sustainability is dependent on harmony then our task in the University and in the community is to work out what harmony is.

Dates for your diary:

See here for the two day conference on 'Harmony in Food and Farming' organised by the Sustainable Food Trust.

Download the Harmony Day 7 July 2016 Papers:

David Cadman: The Quest for Harmony
Tony Juniper: The Harmony Economy
John Sauven: The Greenpeace Manifesto

Download the Harmony Day 7 July 2016 Powerpoints:

David Cadman Powerpoint presentation
Tony Juniper Powerpoint presentation
John Sauven Powerpoint presentation

David Cadman 'Principles of Harmony' download

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Dr. Nick Campion,, (University of Wales Trinity Saint David) Chair

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Dr. Frances Clynes, (University of Wales Trinity Saint David)